School Leadership Team

North Carolina's major educational reform "The ABCs of Public Education" seeks to raise student achievement through increased Accountability, an emphasis on the Basics, and local Control in decision making. Mandated in this law is the formation of School Leadership Teams (SLTs) at all North Carolina schools to devise plans to increase the school's student achievement. This is "local control in action". A School Leadership Team (SLT) is a group of people who implement school-based management at a local school by developing a plan to enhance student achievement. It is a decentralized, shared process that includes people such as administrators, teachers, support staff, students, business leaders, and parents who sincerely care about all the students in that school and what they need to learn to succeed.

School Representatives:
 Dawn Beck
Tammy Brooks
Celeste Burkhardt
Juan Cherry 
 Shannon Froehlich 
Meghan Fuller
Phillip Gillespie  
Lauren Huskey  
Teresa Lacroix
 Richard Myers
Haley Pond 
Andrea Richardson
 Andrew Wehmueller
 Eli Wortman