We Are Shelby-Student Core Values

We are students, first.

  • Take care of your business as a student before anything else.
  • Make decisions based on you, the student; not you the __________.

We are hands-on and hearts in.

  • #RESPECT180
    • Take care of the small things every day.
    • Work hard every day.

We are empowering others.

  • Help make YOUR school a better place for yourself and others.
  • Build others up; don't tear them down.

We are learners.

  • Build up your skill sets.
  • Take advantage of PRIDE.

We are building futures.

  • Know your decisions today affect your future.
  • Focus forward on your future.

We are yielding results.

  • Put in the work each day and strive for good grades.
  • Do the best you can.