Senior Yearbook Ads

Senior Yearbook Ads
Posted on 08/30/2022

Dear Parents and Guardians:

It is that time to buy your special senior their ad in their senior yearbook publication. Both you and your student have digital photos you may want to use for their senior page.


Gather them all up and email them to us or send them on a flash drive that we will return after we are done with the layout. We can also scan your student’s childhood pictures. Just be sure to put them in a Ziploc bag with your order form so all photos can be returned once your ad is approved. 


 There is no need to layout photos yourself. All photos must have at least 300 pixel resolution to work with our software. Refer to the guidelines below for more specific information.


Full page ad = No more than 18 pictures and 50 words of written text in your message from you to your student..

Half Page ad = 8 pictures and 25 words is the limit on a half page ad in your message to your student..

  • ALL Pictures may be submitted in any size (we will resize on the

  • computer to fit your chosen page size appropriately.)     Submitting pictures in digital format must be 300 pixel resolution and can be aligned (high resolution) or photographic prints. Please do not send pictures printed on a home printer, from the newspaper or that has a trademark stamp on them.

  • This form is required with your submitted photos and payment in a large zip lock bag or manila envelope.

  • PAYMENT REQUIRED and entry form by NO LATER THAN

 Oct. 7th , 2022 to SHS Yearbook to SECURE PAGE

If you have any questions please contact Ms. Wray at [email protected] 



Full page color ad $250 

Half page color $125 



 OCT. 7 th, 2022 before 3 pm


 DEC. 9 th, 2022 before 3 pm

For a printable version of the form that includes the above information, click below:

Senior Ad 2022.pdf