School Song

We are loyal to old Shelby High
We will honor her always
We will every hold her banners high
We will dread our parting days
We will faithful be whatever comes
To our alma mater dear
Her memory will lead us on
Through every passing year.

Music and words composed by Mildred Laughridge, Class of 1932



Palemon J. King 1883-   Clarence M. King 1944
S. G. Hardin 1900-1905   Jake G. Hagaman 1944-1951
J. A. McLean 1905-1906   Clarence W. Duggins 1951-1953
J. Y. Erving 1906-1910   Frank B. Greer 1953-1955
R. T. Howerton 1910-1916   Wayne J. Caudill 1955-1970
M. R. Pleasant 1916-1917   Dan W. Moore, Jr. 1970-1979
Beemer Howell 1917-1918   Frank McDaniel 1979-1988
H. M. Loy 1918-1919   William Sugg 1988-1989
E. C. Sharpe 1919-1920   Cliff Wilson 1989-1997
J. Horace Grigg 1920-1926   Bill Anderson 1997-2002
Sid Chappell 1926-1929   Burney Drake 2002-2005
Walter Anthony 1929-1936   Dianna Bridges 2005-2009
Charles Rankin 1936-1942   Jennifer Walker 2009-2013
Thomas H. Wetmmore, Jr. 1942-1944   David Allen 2013-Present