Student and Staff

In the 2020-2021 school year, students and staff are facing challenges and obstacles that no class before has had to navigate. We are proud of the effort all our students and staff are bringing to the classroom every day, whether the learning is in-person or remote. 

Shelby High School students are working as hard as ever to make the most of the opportunities offered this year.  Shelby High School faculty are working just as hard to give students the best experience possible while keeping everyone safe and healthy.  Shelby High School staff are working to ensure that each student has everything needed to succeed in a clean and supportive environment.  Please lift up and support every student and every staff member you know and celebrate them as you would any Student, Faculty, or Staff of the Month.  

We will return to celebrating specific staff and students each month when the faculty and staff feel it is feasible.  

In a normal year, these are the guidelines by which we choose the Students and Faculty/Staff of the Month.

Students of the Month will consist of four students, one student from each grade level. Students must have a GPA of 2.0 with no D’s or F’s on previous Report Cards and Progress Reports. Students must not have received any Office Referrals or have been sent to Time-Out. Students must be involved in some type of extra-curricular activity.

A committee made up SHS staff will select a winner from each grade level. The four winners will be announced during the morning announcements. Parents of the Students of the Month will be notified by the office. Additional recognition's and rewards are catered lunch, website recognition, an announcement on marquee, announcement made at all home sports events (football, basketball, and baseball) and a free ticket to an in-season sporting event.